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2023 Wooden Canoe Calendar

The new 2023 WCHA calendar made its debut at the annual Assembly in July and sales were brisk. Since then there has been a steady stream of sales online and through retail outlets, so calendars are already going fast.  As usual, Jim and Betsy Wilson have put together a gorgeous calendar full of canoe photos that will beautify and inspire. The large wall calendar is 12" x 18", and each month shows a beautiful image of a canoe in a natural setting. Paddling and portaging scenes, and canoes at rest - they include Old Town, Chestnut, Willits Brothers, Rushton, Peterborough, Loon Works and more. The spectacular cover image by Alex Comb shows a Stewart River Mon Ami  at sunset along St. Louis Bay in Duluth, MN. Over the last two years, all calendars sold out well before the end of the year. Don't miss this one - order your copies soon. They make great gifts, and all proceeds support the operation of the WCHA. Calendars can be ordered through the main WCHA site ($US) at this li

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